A compressor is a special device that compresses air and subsequently delivers it at high pressure. A compressor in isolation, however, is of very little use. Indeed, the real work can only begin after you’ve connected your compressor to the desired air tool. In this way a compressor can be used to effortlessly inflate tires, tighten nuts and screws, spray paint and even drill or sand.

Compressors come in all shapes and sizes. Their tank capacity determines the type of job that they can perform. The larger the tank, the more pressure is generated. Compressors with a larger tank capacity also deliver a more constant pressure.

Large compressors are particularly suitable for spray painting jobs, which require a constant pressure. Small compressors are ideal for a variety of inflation tasks, such as inflating bike tires, car tires and footballs. At FERM there’s truly something for everyone - browse our full range of compressors and air tools below!


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