Mitre saw


Our saws enable you to cut materials accurately, easily and rapidly to size. Our extensive assortment includes The FERM miter saw. A mitre saw is suitable for cutting a variety of different materials, such as laminate and beams, regardless of whether it’s in a corner, a mitred corner or even a double mitred corner.

FERM mitre saws are compact and lightweight, making them particularly suitable for on-site jobs. The saw blade is mounted directly above the chosen material, providing a clear view of the cutting line at all times. This powerful saw machine glides effortlessly through wood, plastic, Plexiglas or laminate.

Mitre saws are available in two different models: the standard mitre saw and the radial mitre saw. The standard mitre saw boasts a circular blade that cuts vertically. The radial mitre saw on the other hand, is additionally equipped with a traction function; a hand grip that can be moved both vertically and horizontally. A radial mitre saw is the ideal tool for cutting wide beams and planks to size.

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