Reciprocating saw

Stationary or portable? The extensive FERM range has it all. Our portable saws include the powerful reciprocating saw. A reciprocating saw is an elongated saw with a long, thin blade at the end. These tools are particularly suitable for rougher work, such as sawing thick branches, as well as plastic or metallic tubes.

A reciprocating saw may be used for a multitude of different tasks and on a variety of materials. This powerful electric saw is widely used for demolition work and garden chores, including sawing branches and pruning shrubs and hedges. The reciprocating saw is similar to a jig saw, but whereas a jig saw has a vertical motion, the reciprocating saw has a horizontal one. Thanks to its long, thin and extremely flexible blade, the reciprocating saw can readily access hard to reach areas, such as under floors and behind walls. Reminiscent of the traditional hand saw, the reciprocal saw is, however, fully electrically powered.

Reciprocating saws

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