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Global News

New export boxes

3 years ago

Last month we revealed that our packaging has undergone a makeover. From now on also the export boxes for our FERM products will be shipped all over the whole world with a new look.

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Uniform packaging

3 years ago

The packaging of all FERM Power, FERM Power FS and FERM Power FP products are recently adapted. These adjustments contribute to a more uniform brand image throughout the whole FERM product range.

Visit to Portuguese distributor

4 years ago

Last June our Sales director, Frank van Lankveld, visited our distributor in Portugal. After a successful introduction of FERM in the Portugal market both parties agreed upon the introduction of the new FERM power tool assortment!

Start-up FERM Ireland

4 years ago

With a kick-off meeting late May, FERM welcomed a new distributor to represent the FERM brand in Ireland. An interactive product training, provided by FERM's Quality Manager Mr Eddy Kok and FERM's Sales Director Mr Frank van Lankveld, was established to make the Irish sales team familiar with the FERM product range.